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Castle Ruins TALMBERK [ Hrad nebo zřícenina hradu ]

The remains of Talmberk Castle can be found at the edge of the village bearing the same name in the deep wooded valley of the Talmberk stream on a steep rocky promontory.

The elongated shape of the promontory predestined the shape in which the castle was built and divided into the outer ward and the castle itself. The north part of the castle comprised the outer ward which was divided from the rest of the castle by a moat, a part of which has been preserved to date. The outer ward, where the base for daily supplies to the castle was located, has been altered due to the construction of houses and therefore its original form cannot be constructed. The castle itself did not occupy a large area. Its front rampart was vertical to the main access path. There used to be a building with a double gate on the belt of land between the walls and the moat, most of which has been destroyed. Only its interior has been preserved. To the east, the gate was protected by a massive round tower with three floors, the foundations of which were as far as the foot of the castle hill and which also created a part of the main castle fortifications. To the west from the gate in the corner of the from rampart, there was another building, the ruins of which have been completely filled with collapsed masonry and covered with a concrete platform. The purpose of this building is not known, probably it was also supposed to protect the castle gate. There used to be a palace situated opposite the front rampart in the southern rampart in the southern part of the castle. Only a part of the external peripheral wall was preserved and therefore its original form cannot be reconstructed. In the east and west, the castle was closed by ramparts to which wooden farm buildings were probably joined. The eastern rampart has been partly preserved however there are only modest remains of the western rampart left. Belts of land on the slopes of the promontory formed part of the castle fortification, nowadays these are used for gardens and a former pond.

Talmberk Castle was probably founded by Hroznata of Úžice from the Moravian family of Kounic. Between 1248 an 1286 he was the Burgrave of Prague Castle and in the service of King Václav II. The first existence of the castle is proven indirectly in 1297 in connection with Vilém of Talmberk - possibly Hroznata’s son. In 1312 Jošt called himself after Talmberk. He was a proven son of Hroznata who obtained Černice and Kácov soon after 1213 and became the founder of the Černický family of Kácov. In 1316 descendants of deceased Vilém, brothers Diviš and Nezamysl of Talmberk are mentioned as residing in Talmberk. Diviš was still alive in 1353. Between 1357 and 1374 the castle belonged to Ješek of Talmberk and between 1357 and 1382 to Vilém of Talmberk. In 1390 the castle was owned by Diviš of Talmberk. In that year the castle was unlawfully seized by Havel Medek of Valečko who imprisoned Diviš. He released Diviš only in 1397, due to the decision of the Land Court, and returned Talmberk to him.

Another record of Talmberk comes from 1473 when it was owned by Bedřich of Očedlice. In 1487 the castle belonged to Bedřich of Šumperk and Talmberk who in 1488 intended to sell the castle to the owner of the neighbouring Rataje estate, Bohuslav of Vamberk. The contract, however, was never signed. Following this, all record of Talmberk vanished until 1533 when it is remained as a part of the Čestín estate which was owned by Michal Slavata of Chlum. At that time the castle was already deserted.

Since then Talmberk Castle has been left to its destiny; inhabitants of the village under the castle started to use its stone to build and gradually, mainly in the course of the 18th and 19th century, they started to build their houses within the grounds of the castle.


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