The upper Gothic style castle from the 14th century was reconstructed into a Renaissance chateau in the 16th century. František Maxmilián of Talmberk built a chateau in 1675 with the participation of the architect O. de Guarde. A three-winged one storey building located on the ground-plan of the south wing of the original Gothic Style structure was converted into a Renaissance castle with a courtyard gallery on the first floor. The west and the north wings were converted into early Baroque style with an arcade courtyard. The coat of arms of the Talmberk noble family is located above the passage in the west wing and there is a small tower with a lantern on the roof. Two narrow windows from the original Gothic style castle were bricked up in the ground floor arcade. The three-winged building of the original Renaissance brewery is located in the west wing of the chateau. There is also an Early Baroque church built on the remains of an older Gothic style church which was consecrated in 1691 located in front of the chateau.
Today, offices of the local authority are located in the chateau together with the Museum of Střední Posázaví which has a permanent exhibition on the historic and architectonic development of Rataje including an archaeological exhibition on the development of the local settlement. Other chateau premises offer an exhibition on the topic of the situation of the Střední Posázaví region in the middle ages. Visitors will find plenty information on other architectural and archaeological sights of the area. Another interesting experience is a visit to a medieval cellar, the so called "loch”. The Baroque part of the castle, in which the museum is located, is open to public.


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